Thank you for your interest in joining the City is my Playground family.

We are extremely selective in who we partner with as they will be representing us directly. If you believe you are qualified for a marketing position, please copy and paste your replies to

Please tell us a little about yourself.

• Please describe your morals and character.

• Please describe your typical week. 

• Please tell us what gyms, clubs, activities, or groups you belong to and what type of relationships you have there.

• Please tell us about how long you've been living your current lifestyle.

• Please describe your training.

• What is your IG? How old is this account? How many followers do you have? What is your average amount of likes per post? How often do you post? Would you describe this account as positive, clean, and professional?

• Please tell us what interests you about working with City is my Playground

• How long have you been a fan of City is my Playground.?

• Why do you believe you'd be of continuous value to City is my Playground?

• What do you believe you could do for City is my Playground on a routine basis?

• What sets you apart from everyone else? 

• What do you think it means to be an ambassador? What do you think your responsibilities would be?

• Do you work with any other companies right now? Have you in the past?

• Do you have any prior marketing experience?

• If chosen, can you commit to representing CIMPLAY for at least 6 months ? 

• What would be your expectations of City is my Playground? 

Due to an overwhelming amount of applications we will only be responding to those we will be moving forward with. If you do not hear back from us we THANK YOU for your support and look forward to re-evaluating your application again at our next opening.