the best house we will ever live in IS our bodY. make sure you look after IT.


CIMPLAY was born out of injury and my passion for movement.

From London's Hip Hop clubs of the 90s to grainy dance throwdowns in Brooklyn to dusty old Latin tracks sampled for their grooves, my influences span decades and cultures. These influences blend with my experiences as a Londoner, dancer, Pilates trainer, movement educator and fitness expert.
After many recurring dance injuries and subsequent operations, I was forced into period of rehabilitation where I took the time to think about all the attributes of Pilates, holistic movement and athletic conditioning, and experiment with how I could combine them into a new style of training, that would be non impacting for the body. As our lives have got busier and busier, we’ve all fallen into roles we think we should fit into to conform to society. We’ve forgotten how to express ourselves and release the playfulness within all of us. I coax this out by helping you get in touch with your surroundings and people around you, to look at your surroundings with creativity and inventiveness. 

The CIMPLAY experience is an indoors/outdoors movement adventure connecting the yin with the yang, releasing the mind, whilst incorporating a sense of forgotten play.  My experiences are designed to help people come out of their sitting shells and express themselves and their creativity. For too long everyday, people are inactive and stuck in unhealthy positions and postures. Our backs are heaving a collective cry for help. I’m here to heed this cry, and bring joy and freedom back to your spine. You’ll thank me for it in years to come!


Founder of City is my Playground